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The TWA Museum houses a large collection of TWA hostess uniforms and memorabilia.  The museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Trans World Airlines' leadership in commercial aviation and a great place to visit when you're in Kansas City.  

Check this link to their upcoming Museum Guides Blog that will feature the role of flight attendants in the history of TWA 

If you have access to Facebook, be sure to check out the photos just uploaded from their museum archives on Facebook:.  TWA Museum at 10 Richards Road


To contact the museum:    TWA Museum


The State Historical Society of Missouri maintains an on-line, searchable collection of TWA Skyliner Magazines from 1929 to 2002.

FIHCA   (Federation Internationale des Hôtesses et Convoyeuses de l'Air)   Paris, France is a Paris-based organization of active and inactive flight attendants from various airlines around the world.

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